Project Monitoring

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Project Monitoring

I offer a Project Monitoring service, whereby I act as the client’s agent during the build phase. It is vital that client has somebody to act on their behalf to ensure correct and efficient implementation of the design. During the build phase it is likely there will be a number of different landscape professionals working on the project. They may have complex questions and throughout the build it is possible that additional design decisions may need to be made.

Acting as the client’s representative

There may be a number of different contract professionals working on-site at any one time so I act as a central figure for the contractors to deal with, taking the pressure off the client. I also act as a central conduit for information or any request to move between the client and the contractors.      

I make regular visits to the site to inspect work and field potential complex questions from the contractors. I also deal with any on-site design decisions that are required. Any significant changes or decisions that affect the cost of the project are agreed with the client.


Regular checks and reports

Following any site visit and at appropriate intervals, I send a written report to the client with details of progress made, work completed and any decisions, changes and anything requiring their input.  


Signing off completed stages

To ensure the design is implemented to a high standard it is important that the work is signed off by somebody with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of the design. I specifically visit the site at the completion of each intermediate stage to review the quality of the work and will only allow work on the subsequent stage to begin upon sign off.  


Final sign off meeting

Upon completion of the build phase I meet with the client and Landscape Contractor to discuss the completed scheme and agree the final sign off.



Garden Design Project oversight - Unfurled Fern close up