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Passion. Understanding. Transformation


What child doesn’t love exploring a beautiful garden? What adult doesn’t wish they could spend more time outdoors? The natural world is a source of joy and wonder for everyone and being provided with the opportunity to cherish it enriches our lives. As many of us live in towns and cities, it is vital to our wellbeing to be afforded the chance to reconnect with nature. Even those who live closer to the countryside may find they spend too much time away from the outside world, becoming detached from the feelings of joy and contentedness being close to nature brings.


I believe everyone, however young or old, should be given the opportunity to embrace the natural world by bringing the wonder of nature to their homes and work places. With my vision and expertise your garden or landscape can be transformed into an outdoor space that you will want to immerse yourself in.  Your landscape or garden can be a place of tranquility, a sanctuary after a busy day, or a place of fun and excitement to share with your family and friends. It can be a place of interest to explore and engage or simply a cosy and vibrant space to entertain guests on those long summer evenings.



The key to creating a successful design is understanding what needs to be achieved and knowing how to achieve it.  I believe it is vital to place the client and their needs at the centre of the design process. Each landscape or garden is different, just as each client has their own distinct set of desires and tastes, which when correctly translated can produce the perfect outdoor space.  By understanding the client’s aims and aspirations and being able to focus their ideas, a precise and workable brief can be created. Although I gain a huge amount from the landscape, my main source of inspiration is always the clients themselves. The energy and excitement I draw from people with their different personalities, lifestyles, beliefs and ambitions fuels my creativity, meaning I am able to develop the perfect design solution for the client.


I apply to every scheme an intuitive grasp of the principles of good design and through my professional training in Landscape and Garden Design, I have comprehensive understanding of how that design can be implemented with the materials that are available. An excellent landscape or garden design is only possible when created on the back of an in-depth knowledge of both hard and soft landscape components. With a huge range of material to work with, from natural stone and brick to trees and herbaceous plants, my command of the practical, technical and horticultural use of these is crucial to the success of each project.             



I transform landscapes and gardens into places of beauty, charm and simple functionality. As a result I hope to transform how people use and relate to their outdoor spaces. My ambition is to give everyone the landscapes they need and deserve. 

The main way to achieve this is to transform how people see and use their outdoor spaces. Developing the perfect environment to live and work in means creating harmony between inside and out. Although the outside space is often the biggest ‘room’ in the property, it is too often overlooked. A charming house or stylish work place shouldn’t be let down by an unremarkable or poorly designed landscape or garden. Rather than feeling like a separate entity or an unattractive after thought, the outdoor space can be an integral part of where we live and work. By harmoniously integrating outside and in we can create a place that adds substantial value and desirability.  I believe that by showing people what can be created with passion, inspiration and good design, I have an opportunity help people enhance their home and work environments and as a result improve their daily lives.