Plant Sourcing and Planting Plan Implementation

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Plant Sourcing and Planting Plan Implementation

As part of the design process I produce a Planting Plan and a plant schedule listing the trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that need to be purchased. Depending on the site, the size of the scheme and the contractual arrangement with the Landscape Contractor, I can provide a number of additional plant sourcing and planting services.

Sourcing of Plants

I can source and arrange delivery of all plant material required for the scheme. I source plants from quality trade nurseries meaning that they are usually provided to the client at a price which is lower than the standard retail price.



I will carry out the planting for smaller schemes where less plant material is required or where there is a complex design element over which the designer should have control. However, for any larger or more complex scheme the Landscape Contractor is usually employed to implement the planting plan. 


On-site plant check and laying out

Even where the Landscape Contractor is engaged to implement the planting design, I offer a unit check and layout service. This means, as the designer, I am able to check that the exact number and quality of each specified plant is correctly delivered and that these are placed precisely according to the plant design. In addition it is often useful to have the designer involved in the process for any on the ground fine-tuning. 



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