Landscape Contractor Quotations and Tendering

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Landscape Contractor Quotations and Tendering

The biggest cost of re-designing a landscape or garden is the build. Usually the best value will be achieved by offering the contract out to tender.

Production of Specification Document

In order for correct and realistically achievable quotations to be produced it is important that each Landscape Contractor is quoting on exactly the same specifications.  I produce a specification document which precisely states what is required to complete the scheme, for example, listing the removal of material and re-grading of land or describing the precise construction detail of a wall’s build and foundations.


Sourcing and collation of Landscape Contractor quotes

I work with only superior landscape professionals who produce high quality work in an efficient and safe manner. I contact a number of these landscape contractors, choosing the firms whom I believe are most appropriate for the specific scheme and who are available within the given timescales. I then forward all the necessary documentation to these firms and ask them to produce a quote which fully breaks down the cost of each stage of the process and each element of the build. 


On-site contractor meetings

The Landscape Contractor will usually want to make an initial visit to the site to review the environmental considerations and note the availability of access to the property. I meet the Contractor on-site and discuss the design and general build requirements.


Quote analysis and discussion

Once the quotations have been received, I meet with the client to discuss the quotes and help them decide which firm to engage. I then arrange for the contracts to be signed and provide any other plans or details required.



Landscape Contractor Quotations and Tendering