Full Landscape and Garden Design Service

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Full Landscape and Garden Design Service

I offer a full landscape and garden design service which includes the production of all required plans, drawings and supporting material. Each bespoke design is created specifically to fulfill the client brief while adhering to the key principles of excellent design and good horticultural practice. All plans and technical drawings are produced by hand, meaning each design is beautiful, accurate and highly original.

Initial Consultation Meeting 


The vital first step is the initial consultation. I believe a solid shared understanding of the client’s aims and requirements is key to achieving the perfect design solution. 


This consultation provides an opportunity to meet and discuss the client’s aims and requirements, as well as a chance for me to see the space and get an impression of the landscape and local environment. I ask a wide range of questions to gather information about the client and their situation: what the space will be used for and who will use it; the client’s preferences, including style, materials, plants and colours; timescales and budgets; and any restrictions or considerations that may be relevant. We also discuss the landscape or garden in its current state and share any initial thoughts and ideas.


The meeting provides an opportunity to discuss the services I offer and explain the various steps in the design and implementation process.  Depending on the size of the space and level of complication, I normally expect to schedule approximately two hours for the meeting.


Following the initial meeting I produce a report that is sent to the client with a summary of my understanding of the client’s wishes. This forms the basis of the design brief.  I also outline my design proposals, including my quote for the design work.

Survey and Analysis


A thorough survey is carried out to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the design. Depending on the scale and environmental complexity of the space, the survey will be either carried out by me, or I can arrange for a Chartered Land Surveyor to produce the drawings and report. In either case you will receive a copy of the survey for your own records or future use.


i. Topography


Measurement and plotting of all buildings, boundaries, existing trees and any other relevant landmark is carried out, as well as the charting of levels and slopes within the space. This allows for the creation of a scale drawing which includes levels and contours. This is used as the basis for all subsequent design work


ii. Soil analysis


A thorough analysis of the soil is carried out through sampling and testing. The soil acidity, composition, texture and horizons are all measured. This is important for both the correct choice of plant material and design of appropriate construction elements and drainage.


iii. Aspect and weather exposure

Details such as aspect, effects of sun and shade, wind exposure and general weather patterns of the area are vital to both the choice of plants as well as the design as a whole.


iv. Any other environmental considerations are recorded and a complete photographic record is produced to aid the design process.



Outline Design and Presentation

Using the survey and information gathered in the initial consultation, the outline design is created. A hand drawn and coloured scale drawing is produced which acts as the master-plan for the scheme. The outline design is presented to the client onsite and all aspects are explained. I can additionally produce 3D elevations and sketches of specific sections which provide a highly visceral illustration to help the client visualise the space.


Outline Design approval, Planting Plan and detail drawings


Should any fine tuning of the outline design be required this is then completed and the final plan is approved by the client. Once approved, the additional design functions are carried out and the drawings created. This includes Construction Drawings required to detail the hard landscape elements of the garden such as walls and steps. Also a planting plan is created precisely detailing trees and specific plants and the exact planting positions within the landscape.

Additional design detail and Setting-Out drawings

Any other detail drawings or elevations that are required to implement the scheme are produced. This includes Setting-Out drawings which aid the Landscape Contractor's understanding of the precise requirements of the design for use during the build process.   


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