Aftercare and Updates

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Aftercare and Updates

Once the new scheme is fully implemented many clients like help with the maintenance and upkeep of their beautiful new outdoor space. I offer a number of maintenance and aftercare services.

Production of Maintenance Schedule

The aftercare may simply be in the form of a maintenance schedule, specifically tailored for each individual landscape or garden, noting works such as pruning or plant care, that may be required throughout the year. This is usually written as a month-by-month schedule and can be used by the client in conjunction with the Planting Plan.


Maintenance Advice

Rather than a document some clients prefer a visit. I offer a simple regular review of the landscape or garden to advise on any general maintenance or plant care that may be required. This may be at regular intervals or one-off visits.


Qualified Maintenance Service

I can also offer a maintenance service where maintenance work is coordinated and carried out by RHS qualified gardeners. As my team are experienced qualified professionals, we are able to offer a high level horticultural service, rather than a simple ‘mow and chop’. The team can visit at agreed intervals to carry out work on the trees, shrubs and plants in accordance with good horticultural practice. This may include, pruning, shaping, plant division, tree staking, mulching or any other general garden and plant care required.


Updates and refreshers

Some clients find that after a number of years the way they use their outdoor space changes or sometimes they fancy trying something different. I offer an update service whereby I will visit the landscape or garden to advise on, or design, an update to the original scheme. This may be after a pre-arranged fixed period of time or as simply a one off consultancy.




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